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Message from Meemee June 2013

Message from Meemee June 2013
mikaela luke-currier - Wed Jun 26, 2013 @ 08:52AM
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My favorite young lady of the chickens has been busy this spring.  A fifth place showmanship ribbon at the 2013 N.E. Poultry Congress in Massachusetts to start off the year.  Participation in an excellent 4H action exhibit at the Vermont 4H State Day about preparing to show your bird.  Her team was awarded a blue ribbon in that event.  An opportunity to announce our UAS Open Youth Poultry and Swine Show on the WCAX Morning Edition, where she and her bird were cool as cucumbers! Check it out here:  http://www.wcax.com/story/22569524/4h-students-show-their-poultry-piglets-ahead-of-competition  And more ribbons than I can remember that she won at the show mentioned above.

But what about her birds!  Miki's Chickies is really putting the focus on rare breeds  The Buckeyes are laying beautiful medium sized eggs -- the consistancy of the laying and egg size is remarkable.  Really like these gentle birds with great personalities and I'm glad Miki selected this breed.

Crevecoeurs!  That's right.  Miki has taken over a small flock of this very rare breed.  They are available commerically from most of the major hatcheries, but what you get is not at all close to the standard.  That's what makes a true, show quality Crevecoeur so rare.  Miki will be doing her part to get the true breed standard re-established.

Americaunas, both bantams and standard are part of her operation.  Both sizes are laying beautifuly light green eggs.  The bantam eggs were set and are due to hatch soon!

Don't worry, she still loves anything with fluffy feathers, so the Millie Fluer are still apart of the flock.  And she has added some Polish, which she intends to show in the fall.

And this industrious youth is also trying to build a mini-barn for her flock using all recycled/re-purposed materials.  Quite a busy gal!


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